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5 Tips for Nailing the VIDEO Interview

Tip #1

Create a “video” friendly environment - Ideally, your backdrop should be a plain wall. You want the focus to be on you. The lighting is important as well as a distraction free environment. Always think PROFESSIONAL. Tip #2

Position your computer so that the camera is at your eye level. When the camera is at eye level, the "eye contact" is more natural. Good "eye contact" means looking directly at the camera. You may be inclined to look down to see how you look or at the interviewer, but that creates a visual disconnect. Keep your eyes on the camera. Don’t touch your face or talk with your hands. Tip #3

Keep notes and resume close at hand. This helps trigger your mind during the call. Tip #4

A “video” interview is like any other interview when it comes to your appearance. Waist up! You should be professionally dressed. Plain color and no busy prints, which can distract from your presentation. Tip #5

It's always a good idea to have a dry run. You want to ensure that all video and audio features are working.

OK go get em!


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